History of the company

Matador was first used as a company name in 1905. The first CEO was Július Marburg, who would be proud today that MATADOR employs thousands of people not only in Slovakia.


The creation and development of the company – during this period there were important negotiations to build a new factory for the Škoda Works Pilsen joint stock company.


Commencement of construction. After a suspension in construction during the years of the Great Depression, building continued under the influence of the growing danger from German fascism.


Commencement of special technique manufacturing.
Due to the Munich agreement, the Dubnica Škoda works became part of the large German company, Maschinenbau Herrmann Goring.


Destruction of the factory. At the end of World War II, the factory was completely destroyed; a new factory, Škoda Dubnica state company, was built from the ruins.


Renaming. The company was renamed to K.J.Vorošilov Works. By this period it was a mechanical engineering giant in the Považie region.


Commencement of manufacturing of machines for the rubber industry. Counting data from the year 1988, ZŤS was among the largest arms manufacturers in the whole of Czechoslovakia.


Change of production program. After the revolution, the ZVS company was closed, and the company ZVS, š. p. was founded, which manufactured civil medical equipment, products for the mechanical and consumer industry, and special equipment products. During this period it began to be held that arms manufacturing was unethical, which had a major effect on ZŤS and ZVS.


Establishment of Matador ZTS. On the basis of an agreement between founders Matador, a. s. Púchov and ZTS, š.p. Dubnica, a founding contract was signed.  A new joint stock company Matador – ZTS Dubnica nad Váhom was established.


Renaming of the company to MATADOR MACHINERY. From 2001, the company developed its activities under the commercial name MACHINERY, a. s.


The stopping of arms manufacturing. During the years 1992-1998 arms manufacturing was completely stopped. The companies evaluated their possibilities and created a new manufacturing program. Independent organizational units, divisions, plants, centres and economic centres in ZŤS and ZVS were created.


MATADOR Automotive. The company became the 4th pillar of the Matador, a.s. group and changed its commercial name to MATADOR Automotive, a.s.


Take-over of Matador Automotive Bratislava. The company extended its portfolio of production when it took over the production and commercial activities of the Matador Automotive Bratislava, a.s. company, which at the time mostly manufactured dies for the automotive industry.


Movement of production to Dubnica nad Váhom. Later, the whole production moved from Bratislava to Dubnica nad Váhom and the “tool works” became the third division of the company.


Matador industries, a.s.. The character of production is oriented to supply for the automotive industry and production in segments of die-tools, general mechanical engineering and solutions in the area of industrial automation; on 29 December 2010 the company changed its name to Matador industries, a.s.