History of the company

1905 – Registration of company Matador in commercial register

1925 – First tyre produced

1950 – Beginning of production of tyres at the Púchov plant

1979 – Launch of production of steel-cord conveyor belts

1988 – Transformation of the company to an independent state joint-stock company

1993 – Changed the name of the company to MATADOR

1994 – transformation of the joint-stock company to a private company

1995 - Establishment of the joint venture MATADOR – OMSKSHINA in Omsk, Russia

– diversification of production program, establishment of MATADOR Automotive in Dubnica nad Váhom, focusing on order mechanical engineering manufacture

1998 – Establishment of the joint venture with the company Continental for production of truck tyres in Púchov

2000Transformation of the company’s organizational structure in parallel with a generational change of the leadership.

2004 – Establishment of the company MATADOR – ADDIS TYPE Company in Ethiopia for production of tyres

– establishment of MATADOR Automotive Vráble, manufacturing of pressed and welded parts for automotive plants all around the world and their suppliers

2006 – Joining of the company AUFEER DESIGN in Czech Republic that is a supplier of design and development services for manufacturers of motor vehicles

2007 – Decision on change of specialization of the Group and sale of the rubber part of the Group to the company Continental

2010 – Change of name of the mechanical engineering company in Dubnica to MATADOR Industries and diversification of business activities to industry automation and tools manufacturing

2011 - Establishment of the subsidiary corporation MATADOR Automotive CZ in Liberec for production of welded parts for customers both in the Czech Republic and Western Europe

2013 – Establishment of the subsidiary corporation MATADOR Automotive RUS in Nizhny Novgorod for production of welded assemblies

2014 – Opening of MATADOR business center in Bratislava – new administrative, research and development building including a Conference center and Museum of the future